Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mister Burger

One of the most well-known stalls in Jogja would probably be the Mister Burger stalls. Mister Burger is a franchise that is in a way similar to our beloved Ramlee and Otai burgers in Malaysia. What differs from Ramlee is that Mister Burger also has branches that specialize in fried chicken and hotdogs. They are all separate stalls, but most can be found in the vicinity of another.

These are the first delivery food we had upon coming here, if I’m not mistaken.

Aesthetically, it is very appealing, no?

Unfortunately, my taste buds beg to differ. I found the patty to be a bit too dry and a tad bit salty. Indeed, my roommate agrees with the salty part, so it’s not just me.

There are friends who enjoyed it of course, so I say give it a try if you feel like eating a cheap burger. Just don’t expect the familiar taste of Ramlee burger or the always yummy Otai burger. (oh how I miss that right now. I shall have one as soon as I get back to Malaysia!)

Anywhoo, managed to find a proper menu this time. No promises that all the burgers here are actually available, as I have never gone to the actual stall myself. My first impression of the burger wasn’t so good, but looking back at the actual available choices, it doesn’t look half bad. But as they say, pictures can be deceiving.

Yeah, maybe I will try it again at least once more.


Delivery :0274 619456

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