Sunday, November 11, 2012

KONA Hawaii

Ah, Kona Hawaii. What a strange, strange name for this particular restaurant. Really, I would think that with the variety of Japanese food they sell, it would be named something Japanese.

But then further research proved me wrong. Apparently Hawaiian food does have quite a bit of Asian influence to it. Huh. I never knew. Watching that one food network challenge episode with the Hawaiian themed stuff made me think all their usual food as similar to ones they usually have for traditional celebrations, I think. You know, with lots of tropical fruits and fish. Giant fish. Okay, maybe not really the giant fish.

Lilo and Stitch made me think Americanized food too.

But I digress. Therefore without further ado, here’s my two cents about this place.

I first came here with my lovely seniors, as this seems to be one of their favourite spots to eat. It’s inexpensive, in a mall (Galleria Mall), with air-conditioning and not that far from the BSR residence.

What more could you ask for?
Oh right, a delivery service! Yeah they have that too.

Food wise, I love it! I mean, don’t expect 5 star quality ‘cause that’s just absurd.

I had the Loco Moco at one time, and the Loco Burger the other. The Loco Moco seems to be like that Japanese-style burger patty with an egg and gravy served on top of rice. The gravy tastes pretty awesome, for me. Kind of like that Ikea Meatballs gravy we all know and love ( god knows I haven’t eaten those in more than a year).

Loco Burger is the patty,egg and gravy, in a bun! YAY! Even better. The only problem I have with the food here is the serving size. Don’t expect to be full if you’re a big eater. Otherwise, it’s…Okay. Makes one content enough. For a while.

Don’t really know about the serving size for other food though. Seems ok enough. I let you be the judge of that, since, to each their own.

For this place, there is a minimum order of IDR50k before they deliver anything to you. Therefore, I suggest ordering in a group, together with you friends. On the plus side, there are no delivery charges.

Delivery: 0274 549658
Here's the menu;